SPSP Annual Meeting 2024 – 7 June 13h-16h – University of Bern

The SPSP Annual Meeting is the annual gathering of the SPSP Community, with updates on the platform and lots of interesting discussions on future projects, possibilites and extensions. Come share your thoughts with us! PDF Program available here.

Registration is free but compulsory (for logistics reasons). Deadline for registrations: 1st June.


University of Bern, main building, room 120, Hochschulstrasse 6, Bern.


13h00-13h15: Coffee

13h15-13h20: Welcome (Adrian Egli)

13h20-13h35: SPSP general updates (2023-2024) (Aitana Neves)

13h35-13h50: SPSP ethical and legal framework: status update (Mathilde Heusghem, Aneta Kralova)

13h50-14h40: Research projects and data of interest to SPSP:

    • National genomic surveillance of multi-resistant bacteria: example of VRE clone ST61. What could have been done with SPSP ? (Dominique Blanc, 8+2min)
    • C. diphtheriae: ongoing analysis of transmission in vulnerable populations (Peter Keller, 8+2min)
    • SwissLegio (Daniel Mausezahl, Valeria Gaia, 8+2min)
    • ESBL-E. coli wastewater analyses (Sheena Conforti, 8+2min)
    • SPHN IICU (Adrian Egli, 8+2min)

14h40-14h55: Coffee break

14h55-15h35: Bioinformatics and technologies of interest to SPSP

    • IMMense bioinformatics workflow (Tim Roloff, 8+2min)
    • Oxford Nanopore sequencing for Listeria monocytogenes outbreak surveillance (Michael Biggel, 8+2min)
    • Spatiotemporal clustering and genomic analyses: SARS-CoV-2 use case (Yangji Choi, 8+2min)
    • Retrospective Genotyping of Enteroviruses Using a Diagnostic Nanopore Sequencing Workflow (Verena Kufner, 8+2min)

 15h35-15h55: Open discussion and closing remarks (Adrian Egli)